Business Spotlight: Planet Beach- A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

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By Mia Freneaux 

Do the holidays have you stressed?  Exhausted?  Wishing longingly it were all over?  Your answer is here!  Treat yourself (or your loved one) to a Planet Beach Contempo Spa experience.  Greeted by their staff of fully trained certified spa consultants, your every need is anticipated and seen to.  The Cyber Relax Massage actually uses a computer to map your body, determine your stress points, and create a massage session personally geared to your body’s needs.  A side benefit is that it helps relieve migraines as well.  The Hydro Massage is actually a bed filled with water that you lie on while jets inside the bed massage away the tension.  It “increases your circulation and releases harmful body toxins,” according to owner Regina Crawford.  She should know – she is retired from 19 years in the nursing profession.  Planet Beach offers services that help with skin conditions, such as the UV Therapy and the Hydration Station.  UV Therapy actually helps increase the production of Vitamin D and Seratonin.  It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  The Hydration Station is perfect at this time of year, when central heating dries out everyone’s skin.  It is a steam bath that replenishes moisture and can even help with weight loss.  Another weight loss service is the Slim Capsule, a personal dry heat sauna that combines heat, oxygen, and LED light to accelerate your diet or fitness program.  Speaking of diets, Planet Beach is offering a new, luxurious way to face the topic we all hate.  They are offering 4 and 8 week weight management programs that include body streamlining products and use of the Slim Capsule and Hydration Station.  While you lose weight, get a terrific tan, either with UV Therapy or with the spray on Mystic HD (a favorite with bridal parties).  Also great for the “new you” – Whiter Image Teeth Whitening and the Lumiere Facial which reduces wrinkles, lightens age spots and dark circles, and tightens sagging skin.  Start the new year looking and feeling younger!  With organic products for your face and body and Nutri-Sip 100% natural energy drinks, Planet Beach has everything you’re looking for.  “We are dedicated to helping you relax and rejuvenate your mind and body,” says Regina, “Our spa services allow members and guests the chance to escape the stresses of daily life in a private room without the need of an attendant.  You will leave feeling refreshed and re-energized!”  They offer gift certificates and are the perfect solution for Bachelorette Parties, Ladies Night Out Parties, or Couples Retreats. Forget Hot Springs!  The Spa experience is right here at Planet Beach – 14455 Wax Rd., Ste Q.  Call 262-4786 to make your appointment, or email at  Planet Beach is open Monday-Thursday 9-9., Friday 11-7, Saturday 11 to 4, and Sunday 12-4. **mention this article and get 25% off any retail purchase!**

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