Central Community Assistance Foundation Update

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By Beth Fussell

The Central Community Assistance Foundation (CCAF) continues to grow and evolve as this non-profit group collects more resources to help Central’s students.  The CCAF was formed in an effort to support and assist Central students and their families who are in transition (those who are going through times of hardship or through a crisis like a house fire).  The Foundation aims to assist students in Central’s public, private, and home schools, as the need arises.  The CCAF has been together for over a year now, bringing in more community-minded Central citizens with every step.

The Central Community Assistance Foundation met this month at Central Intermediate School, where the various committees shared their progress and more interested citizens joined the effort to help Central’s students.  At the meeting, the new CCAF logo was unveiled after Bone Marketing, the company that designed the logo options, accepted public votes to choose the logo.  Thank you to everyone who voted!

Each of the committees met at the meeting and had an opportunity to share their progress.  The Clothing Committee has assisted 11 families already with uniforms and sweatshirts for the winter.  Most of these families are in need of blue jeans and jackets, so this committee is beginning to gather those items for the families.  If you have jeans or jackets to donate, you may also bring them to the School Board Office, c/o Mrs. Janet Stevens.

The Food Committee has helped 3 families recently in Central.  The Central Food Bank is currently helping with this effort, and their assistance is much appreciated.  Central Intermediate School students recently did their part to help, collecting two baskets of food for CCAF.

The Fundraising Committee has been hard at work.  They recently designed a new fundraising program, called the CCAF Treasure Chest.  The program gives local individuals and businesses the opportunity to become one of the CCAF “Foundation Jewels.”  The donation levels are as follows:

Double Diamond: $1,000 or more

Diamond: $500

Emerald: $250

Ruby: $100

Sapphire: $50

Opal: $25

If you or your company would like to become one of the Foundation Jewels, or if you would like to donate any amount, please send checks (made out to the Central Community Assistance Foundation) to:

Central Community Assistance Foundation

C/O Frank Ard, Treasurer

10088 Greenwell Springs Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Brockwell Bone, Chairman of the Communications Committee, has set up a website and logo for the Central Community Assistance Foundation.  You can check out the website, which is still in the developmental stages, at

In general news, the Foundation now has its tax exempt status in place and is now officially a 501(c)(3) corporation, so donations can be made to this non-profit charity.  The CCAF is looking for more community volunteers, as everyone has something different to offer to the group. 

Thank you to the Central community for the support that has been shown to this young organization.  At the Central Community Thanksgiving Service, over $4,000 was collected for the Central Community Assistance Foundation.  Thank you to the Central Area Pastor’s Association for arranging that.  Furthermore, Cooking in Central has brought CCAF into its circle, naming the charity as one of the organizations that will be supported through the Cooking event next year.  So please continue to show your support for Cooking in Central as well, as the event touches so many aspects of our community. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Central Community Assistance Foundation, check out the CCAF website to learn more, and certainly come to the next public meeting, which will be announced as soon as it is scheduled.

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