Central Bloomers Help Tanglewood Students Plant Butterfly Garden

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Submitted by Jan Cobb, Central Bloomers Club Publicity Chairman

On November 19th, 2010 Central Bloomers Garden Club sponsored Ms. Tara Thompson’s 2nd grade class at Tanglewood Elementary with their Butterfly Garden Project.  Central Bloomer’s members Peggy Logan, Kathy McMillan, Diane Bezdek, Ollie Brown, Dot Easley, and Peggy Faulk helped the children plant winter herbs and vegetables in the garden. Plants were donated by Central Bloomers.  The Butterfly Garden provides an outdoor learning environment for the children at Tanglewood.  The herbs selected will become host plants for butterflies to lay their eggs.  Once the eggs hatch into caterpillars they will eat the leaves of the plants.  Butterflies only lay their eggs on plants that will be a food source to the newly hatched caterpillars.  The caterpillars will then develop their chrysalis which resembles a small cocoon, and then emerge as a butterfly.  The 2nd graders will then replant the garden with blooming plants that will provide nectar as food to the butterflies.  For more information about butterflies, visit your local library or the internet.  One good site for children is:  Pictured with the children is Dot Easley and Kathy McMillan. 

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