CHS Weightlifting Team Champs at Christmas Meet

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Submitted by Coach Mike Gardner

    The Central High School Olympic weightlifting team racked up on medals in the Annual Gayle Hatch Christmas Meet.  1st Place winners were Van Gurenio- 51kg class, Cooper Moore- 85kg class, Dereck Blough- 69kg class, and Jacob Jones- 94kg class.  2nd place winners were Brett Dotson- 47kg class, Ashton Stokes- 85kg class, Matthew Phil- 62kg class, Zach Evans- 77kg class, and Brandon Lee- 105+ class.  3rd place winners were  Devon Sampson- 47kg class, Landon Sutton- 62kg class, Cole Leblanc- 85kg class, Hunter Cazes- 69 kg classs, Blake Welborn- 85kg class, and Logan Metcalf- 77kg class.  Olympic Lifting involves the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk lifts.  The Team Championship went to the Central Wildcats, and Coach of the Meet was CHS Coach Mike Gardner.


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