Please Keep an Eye on Your Pets

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By Beth Fussell

    During the cooler months, it is often perfect dog walking weather.  While you are out walking your pet around your neighborhood, please be aware of your neighbors.  The East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control has laws in place concerning animal supervision and control, so remember to follow them on your daily outings with your dog.     

    Dogs are required to be kept on a leash any time they are outside of your fenced yard.  Dogs also must wear collars and registration tags at all times.  Then there is the issue many of us forget sometimes: you may not allow your dog to “use the restroom” on a neighbor’s property.  We all want to be kind to our neighbors and to respect their property.  So please do not let your dog make a mess on your neighbor’s lawn.  If it is unavoidable (which sometimes is the case), please pick up after your dog and dispose of it properly.  There are fines put in place by the parish for those who do not follow these rules, but that will not be an issue if we remain aware and respectful of our neighbors.

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