Fun and Fundraising at First Annual 5K Rebel Run

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Above: Winners of the 5K Rebel Run (Some were no longer present by the time this photo was taken.) 

Submitted by Central Private School

    The 5K Rebel Run, held at Central Private School on Saturday, January 8, turned out to be a huge success.  Close to 100 runners turned out for the inaugural event sponsored jointly by the Central Private Parents’ Club and the National Honor Society.

    CPPC and NHS members would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the event.  Additional congratulations are extended to those who won medals in the following categories:

     1st place finishers by age/gender:

OVERALL WINNER: Male– Sammy Mapes, Female– Ann Middleton

AGE 5-9: Male– Wyatt Coon, Female – Carley Lister

AGE 10-15: Male – Blake Exch, Female – Raven Monson

AGE 16-20: Male- Mitchell Garon,

Female– Linnie Leavines

AGE 21-29: Male– Chad Langlois,

Female– Katie Key

AGE 30-39: Male– Paul-Michael Fryday, Female– Sherry Threeton

AGE 40-49: Male– Chris Flanders,

Female– Michelle Gillespie

AGE 50 & OLDER: Male– Dave Kneiling, Female– Jan Raney

     The CPPC and NHS would also like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous contributions (sponsorships, door prizes, & other donations):

Dr. Keith Elbourne & Dr. Joshua Best
Joseph Romero
Brad Pines– Canes
Ronald Morris– Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association
Central Drug Store
Walmart (Central location)
Del Brass – Paradise Smoothie
Fox’s Pizza Den
Old Sole
Sage Hill
Evan Heck
North Point Family Health
Piggly Wiggly
Curves (Central location)
James Partin
Smooch my Pooch
Snap Fitness
Anytime Fitness
Kim Seguin
Bret Fairchild– Coca Cola
David Rodrigue– Community Coffee Company
Krispy Kreme
Oak Point
Southern Paper & Janitorial Supply
Dairy Queen
Mrs. Ellen Frazier
Bank of Zachary
Paul Garon

Above: The band Old Sole entartained the crowd at the 5K.  Thank you to the band, who donated their time, equipment, and talents to the event.

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