Q & A: Greenwell Springs Road Work

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     A Central resident recently submitted the following questions, which we sent to David Barrow at the Mayor’s office.  Below are the questions and their answers concerning the current Greenwell Springs road work:

1)Does the cold weather affect the work on the Greenwell Springs Road and if so, then why was the work begun knowing temperatures could fall?

    Yes, cold weather can affect laying asphalt.  Normally, the temperature should be over 50 degrees to effectively lay asphalt.  DOTD must schedule work year-round, and they can’t delay road projects till summertime only.  We have had an abnormal cold snap lately which has affected the progress.

2)Why exactly were the existing pot holes filled in only to have the road scraped, removing the material that was used to repair the potholes?

    Bad sections of the pavement were replaced at the start of the project from the base up to the surface layer.  A sturdy base of soil cement was placed in sections where there were failures with temporary patching placed in the interim for safety purposes.

3)There is a rather deep pot hole on the new overlay already–Can we expect more pot holes to develop on this brand new road?

    The pothole you are referencing is east of Magnolia Bend Rd.  This was an isolated problem and will be repaired.   The layer they are placing now is only the first layer of asphalt.  A second layer of asphalt will be placed, providing a full 3” of asphalt.  This is standard of most state highway projects.  Two layers of asphalt will provide longer duration of the pavement.

4)Is there a date in writing that would give a bonus to the contractor if the work is finished before a certain date?

    No.  However, strict work hours are in place by DOTD.  For example, at night, work can only be done from 7 pm to 5 am.  If the contractor still has the roadway blocked after 5 am, stiff fines are placed on the contractor.

5) When can we expect the road to be completed? 

   Weather permitting, all work should be finished by the end of February.  The existing guard rails next to several bridges will be replaced as well.

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