School Board to Meet Thursday; Public Comment Policy Being Introduced

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    The Central Community School Board meeting which was scheduled for Monday, Jan 24th, has been moved to tonight, Jan 20th, at 6PM at Kristenwood.  The change in meeting dates was to accomodate a training event for School Board Members in Marksville on the 24th.

     A hot topic for the School Board during recent months has been the Policy on Public Comment.  A revised policy is scheduled to be introduced for consideration at tonight's meeting.  The Board is expected to schedule a Committee meeting where the public will be encouraged to give input as to what the final policy should be.  Watch for the time and date of the meeting.  The recommendations of the Committee will then come back to the full School Board for discussion and action.  The proposed policy under consideration is as follows:


    The Central Community School Board desires the citizens of the district to attend its meetings so that they may become better acquainted with the operation of their public school system and so that the Board may have opportunity to hear the thoughts and comments of the public on issues facing the school system.

    Public Comment on Agenda Items:  In accordance with La. R.S. 42: 5.1, a public comment shall be permitted by the Board before any vote is taken on an agenda item. When recognized by the President, the person shall be afforded the floor and given the opportunity to speak for a period not to exceed three (3) minutes. Each speaker shall be recognized to address the Board only once per agenda item. All comments from the public on an item shall be received by the Board after a motion and second have been made on the item and before any discussion of it by Board members. Comments must be limited to discussion of the specific agenda item/motion under consideration. The President has the right to rule out of order any comments that do not relate to the agenda item/motion under consideration or that refer to personnel, student, or other matters that are confidential under law.

    In the event that the Board should add an item to its agenda after the Board meeting begins and that item should receive a motion and second, then the Board President shall orally request of the audience whether anyone in attendance would like to speak on the added agenda item. Each person indicating a desire to do so shall be given an opportunity to address the Board for up to three (3) minutes on each agenda item added. The Board shall delay deliberations on that agenda item until such time as all interested members of the public have had an opportunity to speak.


    The order of business at meetings of the board shall be according to the agenda which has been prepared and distributed by the superintendent.  Items may be added to the agenda, items deleted, or the order of business changed only when such change is approved by specific board action.  Expansions to the agenda will be made when duly moved, seconded, and affirmed by a unanimous vote of the members present and voting.

    Request for Item to be placed on Agenda:   All delegations or individuals who wish to appear before the School Board shall submit their written requests to the Superintendent or the School Board President at least five (5) working days prior to the meeting date and time, stating what matters they wish to take up with the Board. The Superintendent and the Board President will determine whether these requests should be sent to a Standing Committee or placed on the agenda. If not submitted on time to be placed on the agenda, the item may be held over for the next scheduled meeting of the Board or assigned to the appropriate committee. Each delegation appearing before the board shall select one (1) person in advance as its spokesman and statements shall be presented in a concise manner.

    Delegations and individuals may be scheduled on the agenda to appear before the Board in accordance with the board's policy on public participation in board meetings.

    Once all items of the agenda have been exhausted, the meeting shall be automatically adjourned by the president without the necessity of motion, second or vote thereon.

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