From the Mayor’s Desk- January 27, 2011

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    I have been working with Johnny Dykes, Director, East Baton Rouge Parish Council on Aging and Metro Councilman Scott Wilson, to establish a Council on Aging program in Central.  At this time, we have everything in place to begin our program with the exception of a facility in which to hold the meetings.

    If you know of a facility that is available and the owner is interested in allowing our senior citizens to utilize the facility, please contact my assistant, Charlotte Fergerson at 261-5988.

Once we have a facility, we will move forward with this project.


    State Representative Bodi White and Clif Richardson have obtained $100,000.00 for the development of Greenwell Springs Park.  This is roughly 70 acres adjacent to Greenwell Springs Hospital.  Fifty thousand dollars was utilized last year for clearing of the property.  Fifty thousand will be used this year to build a security fence along the border of the park.

    My vision, and BREC has agreed, is to rebuild the old hotel and dance hall on the grounds to be used as a museum and house historical artifacts from the Central Community.  The Greenwell springs are still active and will be cleaned out to allow them to flow again.  This park will feature walking trails and a picnic pavilion also. A very exciting and family oriented development in our community!

    Anyone wishing to join the Central Historical Society, please contact Vickie Carney at 261-8824.


    Our City Service subcommittees have been meeting weekly.  Within the next two weeks we will be holding a joint committee meeting to report on their progress.


    We are in the process of interviewing for the position of Economic Development Consultant for the City of Central.  I and Wade Giles were in Pagosa Springs, Colorado last week on our fourth interview.   Our next consultant must possess experience in Grant writing, fund raising and also economic development credentials.


God Bless Central!

Mac Watts



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  1. Donna Dufour

    January 27, 2011 at 9:10 am

    This sounds great and if I ever win the Powerball I will donate to it. I enjoy reading about it and seeing the pictures of the springs in CCN. One question though. Right now we are still in BREC. If at some time in the future we were to pull out is there anything in place giving us this park in the break-up? Or is this automatic?

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