Public Input Needed Monday at 6 PM

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There will be a Central Community School Board committee meeting open to the public at the CHS Library Monday, Feb 7th, at 6PM.  Citizens will be asked to offer comment to the Human Resources/Policies Committee on three issues: Public Comment, Agenda Items, and Structure of Committees.  The committee will consider the input and formulate proposed action to be considered by the full School Board.
The most discussed item on the agenda is Public Comment.  There has been controversy over the past year at School Board meetings as to when the public is allowed to address the meeting.  This committee meeting was set for the specific purpose of ensuring that the public has ample opportunity to give input on proposed new policies.  When asked about the format of this committee meeting, Superintendent Faulk assued that sufficient time will be given for citizens to give input, ask questions and receive answers.  All interested persons are encouraged to attend this meeting.

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