Central Thruway Progress Report: Portions May Open This Year

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    With parts of the Central Thruway now visible from streets in and around Central, an update seems in order to help us all to better understand more about this emerging new route to and from Central. spent Monday afternoon on a tour of the Central Thruway, and would like to thank Metro Council Member Scott Wilson for making it happen.  Thanks also to Central photographer Mike Spangler for riding along and taking photos.  The following are excerpts from information provided to by Mr. Bryan Harmon of the EBR Department of Public Works.

Progress Update:

Central Thruway Phase I

Clearing and Embankment (complete)

Comite & Beaver Bayou No. 1 Bridges – 99% Complete

Completion: February 2011

Sullivan & ICCN Railrd. Bridges- 97% Complete 

Est. Completion: March 2011

Paving Florida Blvd to Sullivan Bridge – 65% Complete

Est. Completion: March 2011

Central Thruway Phase II

Clear & Grub/ Embankment and Beaver Bayou No. 2 & 3 Bridges – 60% Complete

Est. Completion: August 2011

Greenwell Springs Intersection Improvements and Connection to Sullivan Rd – Anticipated Projected Start Date: August 2011 –

Projected Completion: June 2012

Central Thruway Phase III

Final Paving below Greenwell Springs Intersection- Projected Start Date: July 2011- Projected Completion: Mar 2012

    The Entire Project is anticipated to be complete by mid 2012, portions of the project can be opened in 2011: Florida to Frenchtown and Frenchtown To Sullivan


Project Descriptive Summary:

    Central Thruway is a new roadway extending from the intersection of Florida Blvd northward to Sullivan Rd. Total project length is approximately 4.1 miles; however, the project includes seven bridges which includes one RailRoad overpass that totals approx 7,100 feet.

    The project was planned to function as a part of an improved multi-lane highway corridor that extends from Nicholson Dr in southwest Baton Rouge to Hooper Rd and ultimately I-110. (i.e. Nicholson to Bluebonnet, Bluebonnet to Coursey, Coursey to George O’Neal, George O’Neal to O’Neal, O’Neal to I-12, O’Neal@ I-12 to Florida, Central Thruway from Florida to Frenchtown Rd, Central Thwy @ Frenchtown to Greenwell Springs Rd, Central Thwy at Greenwell Springs to Sullivan, and Sullivan to Hooper). You will find that many of the ½ Sales Tax Program Roadway Projects were selected to create this improved multi-lane corridor with: Bluebonnet, George O’Neal, O’Neal, Central Thruway, Sullivan, and Hooper all being included in that program.

    The project will provide intersections and or improved intersections at: Florida Blvd, S. Choctaw, Hamilton Dr, Frenchtown Rd, Greenwell Springs Rd, and Sullivan Rd.  As noted above the project will provide a direct access to Florida Blvd (US Hwy 90) and I-12. The project provides flood evacuation routes across the Comite River and Beaver Bayou and will provide an over-pass over the ICCN RailRoad.

    This project was designed to follow all “federal” procedures including: design, environmental, right of way, and construction. By fully complying with the federal process it has allowed this project to be eligible for federal highway dollars which has allowed the City-Parish move projects up that were contained in the sales tax program that other wise would not have been addressed for years to come

    The overall total project cost is approximately $73.2 million dollars, of that approximately $11.4

million were “non-construction” related such as: engineering, surveys, environmental, geotechnical, appraisal services, relocation services, right of way, wetland permits, wetland mitigation, utility relocations… The remaining approximate $61.8 million is for construction.


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