CHS Powerlifting Boys Take 1st, Girls 2nd in LHSPLA East Regional Championships

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Submitted by Coach Heather Blanchard;  Photos by Teresa Frank

The Wildcat Powerlifting teams competed in the LHSPLA East Regional Championships on Saturday, Feb. 5 at Episcopal High School.  The Girls team which consisted of only seven lifters had a strong showing with four individual championships.  The Boys team used ten of eleven lifters to edge out the Walker Wildcats for the Championship. 

The girls were lead by Light flight outstanding lifter and 105 lb. champion Caylin Debataz (220 lb. squat, 125 lb. bench, 240 lb. dead lift).  Other individual girls winners were 114 lb. class Meghan Saia (210 lb. squat, 110 lb. bench, 275 lb. dead lift), 123 lb. class Brittany Johnson (220 lb. squat, 115 lb. bench, 285 lb. dead lift) and 148 lb. class Kristen Frank (230 lb. squat, 130 lb. bench, 275 lb. dead lift).  Bridget Lieux also earned points for the Lady Wildcats with a third place showing in her weight class. 

The boys were lead by 148 lb. winner Derek Blough (425 lb. squat, 280 lb. bench, 380 lb. dead lift) and 220 lb. winner Alex Frank (520 lb. squat, 340 lb. bench, 610 lb. dead lift).  Runners up were 123 lb. class Stephen Sommers (300 lb. squat, 185 lb. bench, 320 lb. dead lift), 181 lb. class Cooper Moore (470 lb. squat, 300 lb. bench, 460 lb. dead lift) and 198 lb. class Jacob Jones (520 lb. squat, 340 lb. bench, 480 lb. dead lift).  Placing third for the Wildcats were 114 lb. class Mark Mancuso (215 lb. squat, 130 lb. bench, 265 lb. dead lift), 165 lb. class Austin Reed (440 lb. squat, 265 lb. bench, 450 lb. dead lift) and SHW Ryan Vickry (420 lb. squat, 330 lb. bench, 460 lb. dead lift).  Other Wildcats earning team points were 4th place John Davis and 5th place Joey Jarreau. 

The Wildcats will participate in the LHSPLA State JV meet at Walker High School on Feb. 26 and the Varsity meet on March 11 and 12 at Pineville High School.


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