Cox Video Prices Changing

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From Cox Communications

    In our continuing effort to keep you informed, Cox Communications would like to let you know, in advance, that effective on or about March 1, 2011, the following video price changes will occur:

Video- Monthly Charges                                                                  From:                    To:

Cox TV Starter                                                                                     $15.55                   $19.55

Cox TV Essential                                                                 $52.99                   $56.99

Cox Advanced TV                                                                              $8.99                      $6.99

Cox Advanced TV + 1 Pak                                                               $11.99                   $10.99

Cox Advanced TV + 2 Paks                                                              $14.99                   $14.99

Cox Advanced TV + 3 Paks                                                              $17.99                   $18.99

Cox Advanced TV + 4 Paks                                                              $20.99                   $22.99

Premium 1 Pay (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or Starz)$13.99                   $14.99

Premium 2 Pay (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or Starz)$22.99                   $24.99

Premium 3 Pay (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or Starz)$29.99                   $33.99

Premium 4 Pay (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, & Starz)$35.99                   $39.99

DVR Service                                                                                         $11.99                   $9.99

HD & HD/DVR Receiver                                                                   $5.25                      $7.25

El Mix                                                                                                    $44.99                   $46.99


Video One Time Charges                                                 From:                    To:

Self-Install (TV or Advanced TV)                                                    $4.99                      $0.00

Existing Drop (TV)                                                                              $29.70                   $29.99

Existing Drop (Advanced TV)                                                           $29.70                   $29.99

New Drop (Additional Fee)                                                                $24.25                   $30.00

                New Drop (TV)                                                                     $53.95                   $59.99

                New Drop (Advanced TV)                                 $53.95                   $59.99

Service Call                                                                                           $46.95                   $51.25

    As you know from our role in local government, raising rates is always a difficult decision.  However, as a private business, Cox has to constantly be mindful of the costs we incur to remain viable and has done everything possible to absorb costs outside of our control.

    While we’ve done everything possible to absorb as much of the costs as we can, programming costs continue to rise as much as 10 percent each year, which is much higher than the rate increase our customers will experience.  The increase will be less than $10 per month for nearly 80 percent of our customers; the average monthly increase will be $6.47.

    Cox invests annually in its infrastructure and continues to deliver the nation’s best video, telephone and Internet services to urban and rural areas.  We will continue to increase our HD offerings and will reach 100 HD channels this year.  Our OnDemand library has more than 5,000 hours of rich entertainment offerings and we will add more 3D content as it becomes available.  Additionally, whole-home DVR and the ability to program your DVR remotely is slated to launch this year.

    Discount for Low-Income Seniors- Cox will continue its partnership with regional Councils on Aging to offer a discount for low-income seniors on Basic cable.  We understand that price increases are difficult for some seniors.  While we are advancing our services to meet the demands of the masses, we are very proud to keep our loyal senior customers in mind; therefore we have increased our senior discount from 20% to 25%.

    Our continuing commitment is to offer the best products with the highest level of service and reliability to our customers.  We are proud to be a contributing member of your community.


  1. rose

    February 10, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Cox pricing is pretty reasonable, but as a DISH Network employee/customer I can say they have cheaper pricing with more programming. taking a look at there fees for DVR and HD Dish beats them by far. With DISH you would pay $6 for a DVR fee. You can also save some money by signing up for the HD free for life that DISH is offering. I would recommend anyone to take a look at DISH great deals on

  2. cmay09

    February 11, 2011 at 6:03 am

    I turned off my satellite 3 months ago. I now use a standard HD antenna to receive local programming, and a ROKU player with a Netflix account. It is saving me $70 a month, and no DVR required since it is all On-Demand. Check it out here:

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