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An Interview with Lance Butler of Sullivan Hardware by Mia Freneaux
    Now is the time to plan what vegetables you’re going to be enjoying from your garden this summer.    Look in your local hardware store for tomato, cucumber, squash and pepper plants, along with watermelon, mustard greens, turnips, cabbage, and cantaloupe.  Be sure the last frost has passed  – a rule of thumb is to plant on Good Friday.  This is a good time to amend soil – humus, cow manure, peat moss, hydrated lime and vermiculite are all available now to get a jump on the season.  Take a soil sample to the LSU Agriculture Department to test and see what amendments it may need.  Good preparation now means delicious vegetables and fruits later.  Apply a 10-10-10 fertilizer now on pecan trees.  Refresh your mulches to prevent weeds and aid moisture retention.  Come mid-March, use a good weed and feed on your lawn.  Scott’s Bonus S, Ferti-lome, and Hi-yield are all good choices.

By Jeff Newman of LandscapeCentral 
    Yards and beds in Central can look pretty bad after a hard winter.  Time to freshen up those beds to make curbs appealing and outdoor living areas pleasing.  Plants function as art, fruit, fragrance, shade, and screen, and, with pruning, feeding, and mulching, they’ll continue to thrive.
    Plant selection and design is all about COLOR, FORM, and TEXTURE.  Stage colors for a progressive rainbow of blooms and foliage throughout the year.  Light colors “pop” in the shade.  Plant form may be column, pyramid, round, oval, spreading, compact, or umbrella.  Horizontal anchors the design to the ground.  Vertical catches the eye, drawing it upward.  Good design mixes textures like prickly, waxy, smooth, soft, and fuzzy.
    When curb appeal is achieved and you turn your attention to the back yard, call the pros or have fun yourself.  Don’t obsess over perfection and the universe of garden knowledge.  Instead, put in a seating area and sit and enjoy the view.  Remember, that’s what it’s there for.

By Jeremy Walock of Creative Patios, Inc. 
    Adding extra living space to your home provides a better standard of living and increases the value of your property.  For example, a patio cover will prevent worries about rain dampening cookouts, parties or family relaxation.  A carport will protect your vehicle from direct sunlight and other harsh weather. 
    Sunrooms let sunshine in and leave the enclosure open and bright, so you can enjoy the best of nature in the comfort of your own home.  If you are considering adding a room to your home, a sunroom can be an affordable solution. A sunroom can be built from scratch or be a converted porch, patio or screen room.    Screen Rooms can turn an ordinary deck or patio into a room protected from sun, insects and weather. Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest new trends in home improvement. These are all great ways to enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors.

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