Civil Air Patrol Cadets Given Helicopter Rides

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Article written by Major Lois Hopwood;  Picture by Brennon Young

Helicopter flight instructor Carmen Bridges, of Performance Helicopters, took Saturday morning to give the cadets of Capitol City Civil Air Patrol, many of whom are from Central, helicopter orientation rides. Cadets C/A1C Zachary Cate, C/Amn Michael Roberts, C/Amn Jaylon Turner, C/Amn Warren Roberts, C/Amn Nicholas Kellner, C/A1C Kade McAdams and C/MSgt Brennon Young each had an opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft and was able to hover and fly over Baton Rouge. 

Each cadet was given ground school on the operation of the helicopter and why it flies.  The cadets received a certificate, from the instructor with the amount of time they were in the air to put in their log book.

Cadet Nicholas Kellner took a movie of his experience and said “he wants to be a helicopter pilot when he grows up.”

Civil Air Patrol is dedicated to providing all cadets with the opportunity to be able to fly by giving each cadet orientation rides in their Cessna provided by the Air Force, this is part of the CAP curriculum. These helicopter rides were provided by Major Robert Davis, commander.



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