Better Schools, Roads, & Parks- Legislators Address the CCA

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Article & Photo by Dave Freneaux 

    The Central Community Alliance hosted a "Legislative Update" in its monthly meeting Tuesday evening.  Central elected officials Bodi White, Cliff Richardson & Dale Erdy each spoke and then fielded questions from the audience.  The legislators all warned of the upcoming state-wide budget shortfall, estimated to be up to $1.6 billion.  However, funding for education in the K-12 grades should be protected.  Much of the evening was dedicated to discussion of road improvements, with the Hooper Road bridge over the Amite at the top of the list.  With funding already in place for studies, more money is being requested to move the project along.  One possibility mentioned was funding the project with a $1 toll for the bridge, which would likely pay for it in 8-10 years.  In response to questions at the end, Representative White went into great detail about BREC, its plans for Central, and the progress made thus far.

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