City Services Contract Nearly Written

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By Dave Freneaux

    Central's City Services contract ends June 30, 2011.  Since late 2010 a committee chaired and appointed by Mayor Watts has been working to prepare the bid package for City Services beginning July 1, 2011.  The twenty-one member City Services Contract Committee met last Thursday to begin pulling together the work of the five subcommittees.  The meeting held at the Fire Station was attended by another 35 interested citizens.

    Mayor Watts and each of the five subcommittee chairs spoke and explained the progress, direction and challenges of their work areas.  The video of this meeting can be seen at by clicking on the CentralSpeaksTV icon at the top of any screen.

    The proposed schedule for the bid process is for the issuance of the RFQ&P on February 28th, with the final bid deadline being 4/29/2011.  The goal is to award the contract no later than June 1 in order to allow time for a transition to a potential new contractor.  For those interested in the details of the new contract, the draft documents with the scope of services for each area as well as drafts of the RFQ/P and contract can be seen on the City's website at  The link is on the first page of the site and is titled "What's New – City Services RFQP information.

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