Business Spotlight: Cross Threads

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By Mia Freneaux

    Most people think that Cross Threads Screen Printing and Embroidery Shop opened only 2 years ago.  Technically, this is true.  Owner Dale Sands opened this Central location in March of 2009.  Dale, however, has been in the business since 1994.  Originally doing work primarily for promotional and internet-based businesses, Dale would handle jobs as large as 25,000 pieces!

    As Central grew and incorporated, Dale decided to open a local retail shop here.  He has a 4-head embroidery machine, able to stitch in 12 colors.  He also has an automatic screen printing press which can handle up to 8 colors.  He can sit down with his customer and take their rough sketch or verbal description and create a custom design for them on his computer to be stitched or screened on any number of items: hats, bags, shirts, pants, hoodies, sweats, backpacks, you name it. 

    Once open, customers began asking specifically for Central Wildcat products, so Cross Threads started filling the void.  Along with Central themed tee shirts, hats, and other gift ideas, Dale approached the Central School Systems Board and got approval to stitch the power cat on uniform shirts.  He now supplies school uniforms at very competitive prices, with a percentage of the sales going back to the schools.  He also supplies uniform pants. 

    His business has evolved from custom embroidery and screen printing to include all sorts of Central oriented products.  He does special events apparel for Central Private School and has recently expanded to include uniforms for baseball and softball carrying the Augusta brand and having Teamwork brand, and Major League Baseball replicas available (CAYL parents rejoice!). 

    Dale attributes his success to listening to his customers.  “I try to bring in and incorporate the things they request.   I enjoy talking to my customers and getting to know them and they often have great ideas.  My custom business and my retail business feed off each other – each one suggests items that the other becomes interested in purchasing.” 

    He is also expanding to include more diverse products.  In addition to school uniforms and sports uniforms, Dale is reaching out to churches to encourage them to consider him for their Vacation Bible Schools.  “Often, churches don’t realize that they can often get their VBS shirts having their own personalized design much less expensively from me than by ordering it from the curriculum companies,.” he says.  “Central has been awesome to me,” Dale asserts, “Everyone here wants to support our city, and since that desire has benefited me, I really want to be a benefit to them in return.” 

    You can also purchase many of his “Central” products on line at  The site also is the place to go to view all the colors, sizes and styles of apparel as well as thousands of promotional products Cross Threads can offer.  Look for early bird specials coming this fall on school uniforms!

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