An Interview with CHS Softball Head Coach Don Henry

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By Austin Myer

    In his first season as the coach of the Lady Wildcats, Coach Henry has seen big changes in a short period of time.

    Improvements have been made to the softball field and equipment. This year, the Lady Wildcats have a new batting cage, new bleachers and a new playing surface.  Volunteers have spent many hours leveling the field, planting grass, and bringing in dirt to make their field one of the best in the area.  New bleachers are being constructed as this is written, and on the horizon is a concession stand and press box.  Coach Henry says lights will hopefully come soon.  The addition of lights will give the program the ability to play JV games, which usually get cut short due to darkness.  Lights are a big capital expenditure, but they allow the program to move games to later in the day, which improves attendance.  Lights also give the team the ability to host tournaments, which also produces much-needed revenue for the program.

    The Lady Wildcats’ preseason schedule includes  tournaments at Brusly, Live Oak and a road trip to Sulfur.  A tough district schedule will follow, and Coach Henry is hoping his young team will be up to the challenge.  He expects his team to put pressure on the opposing defense by being aggressive at the plate and on the bases.

    Coach Henry would like to encourage everyone to come out and support these young ladies as they represent their school and community on the softball field.

   Speaking of community,  Coach Henry and his family would like to thank the Central community for their concern and support during his recent illness.  Three weeks into his first semester here, he was hospitalized and had his gall bladder removed.  Complications ensued, causing his kidneys and liver to shut down, resulting in a touch and go battle for his life in intensive care.  Coach Henry said the outpouring of caring and generosity when he had only been a part of the community for three weeks was overwhelming.  He offers his sincere thanks.

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