CMS Students Showcase Creative Projects at Social Studies Fair

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Submitted by Denice Thomas

On March 2, 2011, the Central Middle School Social Studies Fair was held in the boys’ gym.  Over 500 projects were submitted by 7th and 8th grade students.  Brightly colored and creatively decorated three-panel display boards were lined up and down the gym floor.  Research topics covered the six disciplines of social studies, including history, anthropology, economics, sociology, political science, and geography.  Sixth grade students also prepared projects, which were displayed in their social studies classrooms.  Special thanks to the judges for this event:  Richard Day, Joy Cashio, Keith Cooper, Mia Freneaux, Heidi Picard, Amy McLin, Jill Walker, Layne McDaniel, Leah Veck, Janet Stevens, Deborah Johnson, Jessica Elliott, Shannon Youngblood, Linda Summers, Morris Summers, Ted McCulley, Teena Welborn, Jennifer Cook, Diane Malison-Hardin, and Bob Wales.

The overall winners were: 
1ST Place         Micah Venable                    John Deere:  Is It a “Deere” Gift?
2nd Place       Carol Crochet                      Hollywood in Louisiana:  How Does the Film Industry Affect Louisiana’s Economy?
3rd Place        MadisonHadden                How Did the Olympics Begin and How Did It Change?
These three students will go on to compete in the Regional Social Studies Fair on March 31st

The other winners by grade level include: 

1ST Place         Brennon Young                  How Has Aerial Warfare Changed Through the Years?
2nd Place       Amanda Fontenot             Who Were the Knights Templar?
3rd Place        VictoriaThomas                 How Did the Barbie Doll Change the Toy Industry?
8th Grade Honorable Mention:               Stephen Pursifull, Jeremy Jackson, Jace Bragg, Cristina Shaffer, Dylan Russell

1ST Place         Nia Raglan                          What Are the Seven Wonders of the World?
2nd Place       Stephanie Pourciau          Do You Know the History of Mardi Gras?
3rd Place        Sarah Jones                          Tennis:  How Did It Begin and How Has It Changed?
7th Grade Honorable Mention:               Katie Hayes, Caleb Moore, Lindsey Wright, Travis Moak, McKenzie Knapps

1ST Place         Hannah Wells                     What Happened on December 7, 1941?          
2nd Place       Lane McCaskill                    Who Were the Medieval Scandinavians Called the Vikings?
3rd Place        Kam’ron Bihm                    Who Was King Leonidas?
6th Grade Honorable Mention:               Chelsea Scott, Meghann Sullivan, Cody Dykes

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the Social Studies Fair a great success!

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