Update: Central Thruway at Frenchtown Road

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Submitted by David Barrow, Assistant to the Mayor's Office

   The City-Parish will be installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Central Thruway at Frenchtown Rd when the Thruway is opened for traffic.  There were previous discussions that the intersection would only be controlled by Stop signs on Frenchtown Rd.   The new signal will be equipped with the latest technology including video detectors, emergency vehicle pre-emptions, illuminated street signs and L.E.D. lights.


  1. Holly Bordelon

    March 9, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Yes! Let’s make it like JOOR RD/OAK VILLA. With all of the lights (especially the ones at Choctaw and Walmart), it takes 15 mins to go 6 miles (I have timed this). If you’re coming in or out of Central during rush hour, it takes longer! It’s a shame when the light at Oak Villa/Choctaw lets 4 cars through if you are on Oak Villa. Not kidding!

  2. Another Central resident

    March 9, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    So now on the Central THRUWAY there are red will be red lights at Florida Blvd., new intersection of Choctaw, Frenchtown, Greenwell Springs Road and Lovett (tie-in). That is 5 red lights in a 3 mile stretch. Need to go ahead and petition to change name from Central THRUWAY to Central PARKWAY. Once development happens on this road more red lights will appear. Give it about 5 years and people will be driving down Flannery due to the eventual number of red lights this road will have.

    Go and drive Bluebonnet. It is as bad today as a 4-lane roadway as it was with a 2-lane Road. That is what happens when over development happens.

    Now I understand why the Feds almost removed funding for this project becuase it is not an actually THRUWAY (which the funding was set up for) as the name of the road suggest.

  3. Kyle

    March 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Most of this project in the middle section of the thruway is over 2 miles of bridges, so there will be plenty of room to drive with no traffic signals. Trying to cross the Thruway on Frenchtown without a signal would mean risking your life! I’m sure that roadway will be Speed Trap heaven when it opens!

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