Central Lodge Hosts 13th Masonic District Lodges

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Submitted by Robert Lee

Sunday March 6, 2011, Central Lodge #442 F &AM hosted the Lodges of 13th Masonic District.  A great meal was prepared by one of our members, Luther Perkins and was enjoyed by all. After the District Lodge was opened, Robert Smith, WM of the district Lodge, welcomed the Grand Master of the state of Louisiana, B. J. Guillot, and other Grand Lodge officers. The Grand Master gave a interesting talk and spoke of his programs for the year.

First picture: B. J. Guillot, GM (left) & WM Robert Smith (right)

Second picture: (from left to right) Robert Hutchinson, DDGM, Danny Smith, GJD, Harold Ballard, GM2005, B. J. Guillot, GM, Guy Jenkins, Grand Marshall, and Jimmie D. Dunkin, DGL

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