School Renovations Will Continue This Summer

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By Dave Freneaux

    The Central Community School Board has approved a bid package to be issued to complete the renovations to Central High, Tanglewood & Bellingrath.  The renovation project funded by property taxes approved in 2009 was stared in the summer of 2010 and should resume and be completed while school is out for the 2011 summer break.  The list of renovations and repairs remaining to be completed totals approximately $2.5 million.

    Keeping a 10% reserve for unforseen problems, the School Board has issued a base bid package of an estimated $2.25 million.  In addition, three alternates are offered for bid, but can only be awarded if the base bid is low enough to leave money for the alternates.  The alternates would be band room fixtures, parking lot lighting, and drafting room fixtures and theater nesting chairs.  With these improvements completed and new schools built, the Central Community School System will have addressed the pressing issues inherited when Central formed its Independent School District.

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