Thursday’s Board of Adjustments Agenda

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Board of Adjustments Meeting Agenda 

Thursday, March 24, 2011, 5:00pm

City Hall Annex

13421 Hooper Road, Suite 7

1.  Call to Order
2.   Roll Call 
3.   Recitation of Rules
4.   Approval of Minutes from the February 24. 2011 Meeting
5.   Consent Agenda



6.   BOA- 04-11
     13205 W. Waterside Drive; 
     Lot 98, Village at Magnolia Square
     Applicant: Peyton Fetzer; 
     Traditional Neighborhood Development
      The applicant requests the Board of Adjustments grant a waiver of Section 9.305 of the Unified Development Code so as to reduce the five (5) foot minimum setback to zero (0) feet so that an 8 (eight) foot fence may be located along the inside edge of the sidewalk on a corner lot.


7.    BOA-04-10 Extension (Deferred from February 24, 2011 Meeting so Applicant could Re-Apply)
       6215 Moran Road;  Lot 6,
       Taylor & Williams Tract
       Applicant: Peggy London;
      The applicant requests the Board of Adjustments grant an extension of a waiver of Section 8.213 (C)(5)(c) of the Unified Development Code in accordance with Section 3.2 (B)(5)(b)(1) to allow a hardship in conjunction with the housing of aged,  ill or otherwise incapacitated, or handicapped family members, or wards for which the existing residents are or may become responsible.

8.  Announcements             
9.  Adjourn

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