Mayor Watts Inks Deal with Economic Development Consultant Steve Vasallo

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By Dave Freneaux

    Steve Vasallo, the Economic Development Consultant who worked with Central during the 2009/2010 fiscal year, is back.  Vasallo has been hired by Mayor Watts to continue to guide the city's plan for economic growth through the end of June.  The City Council approved the $14,000 budget item needed to contract Mr. Vasallo through June 30th.  Economic Development is one key to Central's success as a city.  With school enrollment growing and the infrastructure of the city being challenged by residential growth and the related traffic, sales tax dollars are vital to be able to fund that growth.  Mr. Vasallo is tasked to work closely with the Mayor and the Central Economic Development Foundation to entice business interests from around the U.S. and the world to locate in Central.  Success in this area leads to more jobs for Central people and more tax dollars to support the city and school system.

    Mr. Vasallo has an impressive resume, with former clients expressing respect for his efforts on their behalf.  The Mayor of Madison, Mississippi writes, "Steve is a person of great discipline and high resolve whose roster of accomplishments, just in Madison the City, is staggering."  Local Central builder David Starkey adds, "He is the best I have ever met and Central needs his drive and wisdom to make the right things happen.  I was extremely disappointed to see him leave and tremendously happy to hear he was possibly returning."  The entire City Council and every citizen who spoke at Tuesday's Council meeting shared the thought that Economic Development is needed in Central.  With the support of the City and the volunteers of the Central Economic Development Foundation, Central can continue to be…..A City on the Move.

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