EBR Office of Community Development Roofing Program

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Submitted by Sharon Phillips

The East Baton Rouge City-Parish Office of Community Development Roofing Program is designed to help homeowners replace their deteriorated or leaky roofs.  Repairs will help stabilize the interior condition of the home while also keep household residents dry, safe, and healthy.  This program currently offers funding up to $25,000 per home.
Low income and very-low income residents of East Baton Rouge Parish who meet the following qualifications may be program eligible.  Funding for low income residents is offered as a 5-year affordable loan.  Very-low income residents are offered a 5 year forgivable loan that never needs to be paid back.  Household must meet income limits.  Applicant must live in the home.  Mortgage payments and property taxes must be current.  Applicant’s home must have hazard insurance (fire and extended coverage).

If interested, please contact:
EBR City-Parish Office of Community Development
P.O. Box 1471
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-1471
Phone:  (225)389-3039

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