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    Beginning in next Thursday's newspaper, will be dedicating half of Page 2 to "Letters to the Editor".  So, Central, here is your chance to "Speak Up".  Send your letters to has considered the pros and cons of printing the observations and opinions of our readers, and have arrived at a set of principles and guidelines:

1) Letters chosen for publication will be printed in their entirety without editing unless permission is granted by the author.
2) The author's name will be published with the letter.
3) If opposing viewpoints are received, they will be presented as well.
4) Letters containing unsupportable claims, innuendo and/or personal attacks will not be printed.
5) Letters over 250 words may require editing for length, with the author's permission.
6) will attempt to answer each letter individually, whether it is printed or not.
7) Letters not chosen for printing may be presented online at

    So, Central, SPEAK UP!  Letters do not have to be on hot topics and political issues.  Certainly you are welcomed to weigh in on Term Limits or Taxes, but consider also telling Central about a great experience you had with the Fire Department or EMS.  Share your story of a great teacher or coach.  Please email your letters to, or mail us at P.O. Box 78137, Central, LA  70837.

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