Testimonials for Cooking in Central: What “Cooking” Means to Me

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Cooking in Central Board Members were asked to tell us what Cooking means to them.  Their responses are below.

"To me Cooking in Central provides an avenue for the citizens of Central and the surrounding areas to come together as a whole to achieve a given goal greater than what a few separate organizations  or individuals could possibly accomplish on their own.  It allows businesses to showcase themselves as sponsors.  It shows the compassion and willingness of our citizens to step up when there is a need to help others, especially our children and grand children." -Wayne Leader

"It has been an honor for me to be involved in Cooking in Central since its inception.  This group was formed to aid others in a time of need. The citizens of Central are charitable, generous and work untiringly for this common cause. It has given our children, who are our future leaders, the tools to a better education. Cooking in Central has not only aided others but it has given the citizens of Central the opportunity  to work year round with their neighbors, friends and others.  I have met and made friends with people in our community and outside our community that I did not know before CIC was formed. I am proud and honored to be on the Board of Directors of such a wonderful group.  I Invite you  to become a member of Cooking in Central." -Loretta Watts

"Cooking in Central defines our city and it's citizens, putting aside personal differences, to establish and signify that there is still a spirit of charity within a group of people who wish to make a difference in the lives of others.  It is the Louisiana way, festival, food, fun, and fundraising; all for a great cause." -Mike Breaux

"Cooking gives my wife Yvonne and me an opportunity to serve the people of our community and to have a positive impact on the lives of our future generations. We support Cooking because it is a community event that has the community at heart." -Bill & Yvonne Parsons

"Cooking in Central represents much of what makes Central, Central – caring, serving, sacrifice, giving and uniting together, all for the needs of others!" -Ron Erickson Sr.

"Cooking in Central defines the spirit of our community. It is a perfect example of why I chose to make Central my home." -Tim Lazaroe

"Cooking in Central from inception has been a philanthropic organization created mainly to assist a neighbor in need. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina ignited a fire in our city that continues today.  Our original intentions were to endear our community to those who knew little about us, but  most importantly to gather the people of our city, working together,  for a common cause. 
Though our political atmosphere has changed a bit throughout the years, one thing remains constant: Cooking unites our  citizens with an invigorating passion. Cooking in Central appeals to the spirit contained in all of us and continues to accumulate people of different religious, cultural, ethnic and financial backgrounds with that unifying command… 'Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.'" -Louis DeJohn, Jr.

"The annual Cooking in Central event to me epitomizes the things that are still good in our country, such as volunteerism and working to serve your fellow man.  For example when the citizens of Central banned together for the inaugural Cooking in Central and raised $200,000.00 for the storm ravished schools in Chalmette…what a wonderful display of humanity that was.  It truly warmed my heart." -Russell Starns

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