Cooking in Central Means Opportunity

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By Lucky Ross

Opportunity to help your fellow man during his time of need.
Opportunity to make a positive statement about the importance of quality education.
Opportunity to demonstrate your love and concern for the children.
Opportunity to show your gratitude and reverence towards the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice to insure that we live in peace and harmony.
Opportunity to give back to the community.
Opportunity to work with friends and neighbors for the good of the people.
Opportunity to display to the world what a great city we live in.
Opportunity to enjoy excellent food, rich with local flavor.
Opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the many talents in our community.
Indeed Cooking In Central affords me the opportunity to realize what a great community we live in while doing my small part to insure that it grows rich in character while radiating the fact that “Central Is A Community That Cares”.

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