Judges Still Needed for CHS Senior Project Presentations

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Submitted by Vickie Burt, Theatre Director & Teacher at Central High School

Central High School proudly announces that its Seniors will be presenting their Senior Projects for the first time on April 19 and April 20, 2011.  The Senior Project is a nationally recognized program that was founded over twenty years ago and is part of quality educational programs in over twenty-eight states.  The Senior Project encourages students to explore in-depth a career topic of special, personal interest. The entire project consists of four parts: the research paper, the product, the portfolio, and finally, the presentation, which is the culminating event during which students share their Senior Project journeys with a group of adults from the surrounding community.  We would like you to help us judge these presentations and experience for yourself what the Seniors have learned throughout this process.  The judges score the presentations based on the following: organization, communication aids, delivery and demeanor, challenge component, and dialogue.  If you volunteer to judge, a more detailed evaluation will be provided.  Judging will be held at Central High School, 10200 East Brookside Drive, on April 19 and April 20, 2011.  Please plan to arrive by 8:30 AM for brief instructions.  The presentations will begin at 9AM and end at 2PM with refreshments and lunch served.  We recognize that taking time away from work or family for one or both days is time-consuming, but we look forward to your help in recognizing and celebrating the hard work of our Seniors during their presentations.

If you are able to participate in this historic event on April 19 or April 20, please contact Rachel Roubique, Senior Project Coordinator, at 261-3438 or RROUBIQUE@CENTRALCSS.ORG.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you to benefit the future leaders of our community.

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