Mayor’s Office Begins Homeowners Association Meetings

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    The Mayor’s Office has started a series of meetings with homeowner’s associations across the city in order to provide personal lines of communication between the city and neighborhoods.   The first meeting was held on March 16, 2011 at city hall and was attended by 22 citizens representing 15 homeowner’s associations across the city.  The city had placed a public notice asking for contact information for neighborhood associations, and all homeowners associations who responded were invited to the meeting.

    Homeowner’s association representatives from the following subdivisions were in attendance:  Bellingrath Lakes, Bridlewood, Carmel Acres, Comite Hills, Comite Hills West, Crystal Place,  Geo-je’s Country Estates, Hampton Village, Indian Mound, Magnolia Lakes Estates,  Morgan Place, Morgan Place West,  Northwoods, Tanglewood, and Village at Magnolia Square.

    The representatives were able to have an open discussion about matters affecting their neighborhoods and to ask questions about general city services and Central city government in general. They were asked for input in how to make the city better and what types of programs/services they would like to see started or continued in the city.  One topic of discussion involved code enforcement pertaining to neighborhood restrictions.  It was pointed out that the city has no authority over private neighborhood restrictions and the Attorney General’s office has issued an opinion that cities cannot and should not enforce private neighborhood restrictions.

    The representatives had plenty of good information about the city to bring back to their neighborhoods.  It was decided during the meeting to have these meetings continue quarterly.  Everyone in attendance was glad to see this new line of communication open up.   Anyone representing a homeowners association or a certain neighborhood who would like to attend these meetings may call David Barrow in the Mayor’s Office at 261-5255 to be added to the list.

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