Sign Ordinance Reminder

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From the City of Central

    The city of Central reminds all businesses that advertising banners and changeable message signs are not allowed by both the city of Central sign ordinance and the East Baton Rouge Parish sign ordinance except when a temporary permit is requested.

    Banners and changeable message signs are prohibited under city of Central sign ordinance Section 16.7 (3) and East Baton Rouge Parish sign ordinance UDC Ch. 16 Section 10.   However, a permit can be requested to allow a temporary banner sign relating to a new business opening or for a temporary sale or new product for periods not to exceed 30 days and 14 days respectively.   Any temporary sign placed without a permit is deemed to be illegal and can be removed without notice.  All temporary signs permitted by the city will receive a sticker with an expiration date which must be attached to the sign.

    This is also a reminder to all businesses that any permanent sign must receive a permit from the city to make sure that the sign is in compliance with all ordinances and setbacks from street rights-of-way.  A complete copy of the sign ordinance is available on the city website,, under “City Documents”.   Violations of the sign ordinance can result in fines and court action.

    Unpermitted signs placed along state highways are subject to the removal by DOTD crews without notice. 

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