Central Speaks Up: 4/14/11 Letter to the Editor

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Hard Work & Persistence Trademarks of Cooking in Central 

    I have been in living in Central for almost 10 years now. I have had the unique experience of watching the growth and development during an historic time frame, basically from the outset of the pioneers in Central rolling up their sleeves to fight and make Central a top notch city as well as one of the top school systems in the state. We have had our share of differences, debates and opinions on many topics. I guess I would refer to this as growing pains. But so goes it in a fledgling thriving city!  There is one event a year that certainly captures my attention and it is Cooking in Central, It is one of the few opportunities we have as citizens to all come out in unity as one. Does not matter if your Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Mormon, Black, white, red, green, republican, democrat, male, female etc, it is the opportunity to be as ONE! I cannot imagine anyone having a problem with that! Especially when you realize what it is for: Our Kids! Yes I said it!  OUR KIDS!  All kids! Those at all our Central Community School System schools, St. Alphonsus, Central Private and on and on, at the end of the day, they are all our kids right?  To the naked eye , it seems like there is a lot of work that goes on in that day and a half of celebration , being a witness to the planning of it , let me tell you , it is a year long process. I know for a fact that on Tuesday of this week, early preparations were being made for Cooking in Central 2012. It is amazing how it has grown, and the folks who spear head this event have made it transparent as can be and have bent over backwards to invite all to be a part. Consider being a part next year! I will end with one last observation. I could not begin to mention everyone who worked their tails off at this event, it took many, but as the event was ending with the annual auction, I was observing Ms. Loretta Watts sweating and hustling to close out the silent auction. Then I heard an announcement from Louis Dejohn for any volunteers who could stay to help clean up the gym and pick up the hundreds of chairs etc. that needed to be put up. Without hesitation, Mayor Mac Watts began cleaning and picking up chairs, first one on the scene! This was after 24 straight hours of working the festival. He was obviously spent but kept on working anyway, and doing the dirty work so to speak. It had to be done! And it struck me: not many places you can go where the Mayor of the town and his wife are willing to do the dirty work, that is usually reserved for “laborers.” Well, not in Central! I think that observation defines Central from the top down: hard working, persistent, resilient folks who care deeply for community and kids regardless of opinion or beliefs.
Thanks to all that make it happen!

Coach Sid Edwards –
Athletic Director- Central Community School System


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  1. Kandi Jones

    April 14, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Nice letter Sid! I was also blown away with what I saw this weekend. I was so blessed to be a part! Sometimes seeing things from others helps. This was a beautiful description of the heart of our city. Thanks again to the amazing hands and feet of our community! Thanks Sid for taking the time to write this.

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