EBR Library Launches Mobile Website

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Submitted by Sarah Crawford

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s new mobile website, located at, launched this week. The new mobile website is designed to be more easily navigated and viewed on a mobile phone or smartphone.

The mobile website has quick links to the Library’s catalog search, “Got a Question?” (which also has a mobile interface), the Library’s locations and hours (with links to maps), contact information, upcoming events, LibGuides and databases (particularly databases well-suited for mobile use).

"The reality now is that a lot of people are browsing the Internet on their phones, and they expect websites that are easy to use with their touch screens: big buttons, easy to read text, scrolling lists…no horizontal scrolling or zooming is needed,” said Mike Waugh, the Library’s Assistant Coordinator of Computer Services. “We put all the stuff a mobile person would want. The catalog is front and center.

“We have contact information with phone numbers and locations. There's Got a Question, Text-a-Librarian, and events. We have easy access to our e-books and e-audio collection, as well as our music and video downloads."

On each page of the mobile site, there are links to the full website. In most cases, popular smartphones will redirect a user to the mobile website if they simply enter in the Library’s normal website address,

With the number of different types of phones available, there are many different types of browsers. Websites display a bit differently on each one. While it’s possible the mobile website won't be right for some phones, the Library has attempted to get it right for most.

“We are so excited to announce this new mobile library site just in time to celebrate National Library Week,” said Library Director David Farrar.  “We are constantly looking for new ways to bring the Library to you.”

For more information, call (225) 231-3750.

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