Central Speaks Up: 4/21/2011

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That's Just the Way We Do It 

    Concerning all of the time and energy exhausted in planning and orchestrating the “Cooking In Central” fundraiser.  Looking back at the countless hours and meetings spent arranging every detail of the two-day event.  Basking in glory at the tremendous success realized from our efforts.  Now comes the most difficult task of all.  Now we must face the most challenging exercise of this whole endeavor.  Now we are struggling with perhaps the hardest and most difficult decision related to this great fundraising event.

    How in the world do we THANK everyone that made this most spectacular community jamboree a reality?  How do we express our gratitude to the masses that came together for the common good of the children of the City of Central?  How do we express our appreciation to the cooks; the ticket sellers; the servers; the people that picked up trash; those that assisted in the assembly and disassembly of the “fairgrounds”; those that arranged and conducted the entertainment and the auctions?  How do we articulate our admiration for those that directed the parking; those that donated countless items necessary to the success of such an extravaganza; and the scores of citizens that performed other countless duties necessary and essential to such a triumphant occasion?

The answer is:  You cannot.

    That is just the way things are in the City of Central.  Without a doubt, there is no place nor community on this planet that harbors the quality of citizens that we have in our great city.  So actually, the answer to this dilemma is simple. 

Thank You Central!

    Thank You for going that extra mile. Thank You for putting your best foot forward.  Thank You for supporting the children of our community.   Thank You for being “Central” and just doing what comes naturally. 

-Lucky & Juanita Ross

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