CMS Journalism Club Visits WAFB Channel 9

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Submitted by Phillip Donagriche, CMS Journalism Club Sponsor

Central Middle School Journalism Club students visited WAFB Channel 9 in Baton Rouge on April 19.  Students toured the facility and learned about print and broadcast journalism techniques. 
They were able to view a live taping of the noon news broadcast and participated in the closing of the segment.  The field trip provided real world journalism experiences for the students.  “I liked learning about what you have to do to become a journalist,” said seventh grade student, Lillian Richardson.  “The field trip was very interesting and the club has inspired me to become a better writer.”
The Journalism students have been serving as reporters and editors of their school and community.  Monthly newsletters are published that include articles from club members, as well as other students at CMS.
Seventh grade English Language Arts teachers, Jackie Jenkins and Phillip Donagriche began the club this year in effort to stimulate interest and improve writing skills and reading fluency.  Donagriche, who has a degree in mass communication and journalism, recognizes the need to target at-risk students in their reading and writing performance.  “It is our hope that the journalism club will motivate our students to read and write,” he said.
Jackie Jenkins understands the importance of creating learning experiences that not only promote literacy, but are also relevant and thought provoking.  “Our desire in creating the journalism club is to facilitate educational opportunities which engage students in literacy activities while at the same time providing them with real life experiences,” she said.
The two sponsors would like for students to deliver live morning broadcasts to the school that teachers can stream in their classrooms during homeroom next year.  The morning broadcasts would include the morning announcements and the latest happenings around campus and the community.

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