Remember to Get a Permit Before Starting Construction

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From the City of Central

    The City of Central would like to remind all citizens to please check with the Permit Office prior to starting any construction on any building, accessory structure, fence, pool or mobile home relocation in order to obtain the proper permits or to see if a permit is needed.  There have been several cases lately where residents started construction without obtaining the proper permits, and neighbors have complained and reported it to the building officials to take action. 

    In one recent case, a resident added on to his house without obtaining a permit and built over the building line setback.  A neighbor reported it to the building official, who then had to inform the homeowner that the structure would have to be torn down because it was built over the building line too close to the adjoining neighbor’s property.  This could have been avoided if the homeowner had submitted a proper set of plans to the permit office for review prior to starting work.

    In a standard residential neighborhood, the side yard building setbacks are 8 feet from the property line, unless noted otherwise on a duly recorded final plat.  The rear yard building setback is 25 feet, and the front yard setback is 15 feet.   Mobile homes have setbacks of 100 feet from the street and 25 feet from side property lines.  

    Anyone needing a waiver of these setbacks may go before the Board of Adjustments for a public hearing.  The Permit Office can be reached at 262-5000.

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    April 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Be sure to bring you checkbook.

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