Berean Ministries Collecting Items for Tornado Victims

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From Kenny Kepper, Pastor at Berean Ministries:

Regarding the devastating events that took place in Alabama, Berean Ministries (6565 Morgan Road) would like to be a designated drop off point for all those in the community who would like to donate items to those in need.  We are sure there are many who are involved in these efforts in some way, but we would like to make our facilities available to receive any items the community wants to donate.  This is a community effort and are just trying to make it easier and more accessible for the community to be able to give and help.  We are willing to take these items ourselves unless we find another dependable and trustworthy source that are better prepared for the task.
I would like to have most all of these items in by Wednesday if possible:
tarps (in great need of tarps)
work gloves
industrial garbage bags
bottled water
Gatorade powder
nonperishable food items
clothing and shoes (old or new)
tooth brush/paste
baby food
toilet paper
suntan lotion
mosquito repellant
in need of gasoline for generators but hard to transport
plastic cups, plates, forks…
…and whatever else you can think of. Our community has an opportunity to bless their community. Thank you and God bless.

Please call the church at 261-1994 with any questions.

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