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By Dave Freneaux

    Since 2008 has sought to publish unbiased news about Central.  Over these three years on the web and this past year in print, we have published 2,940 articles about Central and all of these are searchable on line at  As a matter of policy over these three years we have tried to avoid editorial comment.  The feedback we have received from the community is split.  Many share that they enjoy being able to read an article and not have the editor’s opinion laced throughout the article, making it hard, if not impossible, to distinguish fact from opinion.  Others point out that Letters to the Editor and Editorials are an integral part of the American newspaper experience., beginning this week, will offer Editorials when appropriate, and we already encourage readers to submit Letters to the Editor.  We will continue to attempt to present the news articles without intentional bias or opinion, and will clearly label all editorials.  So, those who want “Just the Facts” can ignore the Editorials and Letters to the Editor, and those wanting to read or express an opinion can do so in  Your comments on this policy are welcomed.

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