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The Truth of the Matter 

“You want the truth?” “You can’t handle the truth.” You know those lines from the movie “A Few Good Men.” The movie takes us through the difficulties faced by a young lawyer in a military trial. He loses his star witness, confronts a hostile witness of higher rank, and contends with his lack of trial experience and the tendency to compare himself to his own father. Added to the drama was the fate of two defendants, charged with a serious crime.

Separating truth from the drama associated with the issues of life can be challenging. Normally, the truth is not as sensational as movie writers make it out to be. It’s just the truth and the truth is seldom celebrated nowadays. Jesus however made a very powerful statement about truth: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Like the young lawyer, we may have to face our own weaknesses to get to the truth.

Blessings to You,
Pastor Bill Parsons, Central Worship Center

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