CHS Students Earn College Credit & Certifications

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Submitted by Tracy Barnes 

    AP Classes: Students take Advanced Placement classes then take the AP Exam at the end of the course. If they score a 3, 4, or 5 they receive college credit for the course. The number of hours of college credit varies with different universities. At the current time, Central High offers 10 Advanced Placement classes.  There have been 104 hours earned and there are students still taking exams who could earn college hours.

Joshua Walker: 15 hours college credit
Beau Brumley: 6 hours college credit
Tyler Wales: 23 hours college credit
Jonathan Hooper: 15 hours college credit
Caleb Covington: 21 hours college credit
Daniel Holmes: 9 hours college credit
Blake Combre: 9 hours college credit
Grant Clinkingbeard: 6 hours college credit

    Dual Enrollment: Students from Central High can take Baton Rouge Community College Dual Enrollment classes, either at Central High or on the Baton Rouge Community College Campus. The location is determined by the number of students who sign up for the classes. This year Western Civilization was offered at Central High. Health Science, Psychology, and Sociology were taken at the Baton Rouge Community College Campus. There were 279 hours of college credit earned.

Western Civilization (6 hours of college credit):

Megan Alexander, Victoria Hudson, Kelby Blalock, Emily Lansing, Stephanie Bullen, Catherine Pourciau, Whitney Calamia, Jenna Noel Pourciau, Zachary Edgens, Taylor Prudhome, Kailen Esch, Meghan Saia, Ashley Estave, Austin Watts, Zachary Goodin, Joshua Walker, Kegan Hayes, and Arika Krester (3 hours of college credit)

Psychology/Sociology (6 hours of college credit):

Elizabeth Averette, Keely LeBlanc, Brianna Bauer, Leland Limbers, Michael Bordelon, Elaine Martin, Troy Burleson, Chet Myer, Zachary Cashio, Mallory Payton, Sarah Elliott, Nathan Petit, Jayme Foreman, Raven Ramsey, Lauren Gilbert, Jessica Slusher, Dillan Guerin, Taylor Stiles, Taylor Hardin, Tess Tranchina, Sarah Hays, Kayla Waldrop, Stephanie Hill, Melinda Watts, Lea Anna Hollier, Amanda Whitehead, Laine Hurst, Dylan Wilson, and Tremelia Kelly

College Algebra (3 hours of college credit):

Sarah Clark and Michael Huber

Health Science (3 hours of college credit):

Austin Baroni, Ashley Hurst, and Mandi Parent

    Capitol Area Technical College:         Central High has students attending Capitol Area Technical College and has students enrolled in automotive, welding, childcare, graphic arts, college algebra, culinary arts, and drafting. The students can earn high school credits and credits from the Technical College.  A total of 77 credits were earned.

Beau Averette- Welding (9 credits)
Alex Baker- Auto Mechanics (5)
Blake Carugi- Drafting (11)
Savanaha Holcomb- Culinary (8)
Aaron Mumphry- Auto Mech. (5)
Ethan Simmers- Auto Mech. (5)
Christine Pono- Graphic Art (5)
Amber Schmolke- Childcare (6)
Brandon Chaisson- Graphic Art (5)
Ryan Hartwell- Welding (9)
Jace Robinson- Welding (9)

    PM Welding Class: Evening class set up with ABC (Associated Builder & Contractors) to provide advanced welding instruction to a  maximum of 20 students. Students attend evening school 3 hours per day, 3 days per week. Students are eligible to receive advanced certification.

Andrew Breau: Plate Welding Certification
Ross Doyle: Plate & Pipe Welding Certification
Jared LaFleur: Plate Welding Certification
Chandler Leiva: Plate Welding Certification
Joseph Lester: Plate & Pipe Welding Certification
Will Gore: Plate Welding Certification
Ron Rarrick: Plate Welding Certification
Raymond Svorn: Plate Welding Certification
Jonathan Walker: Plate Welding Certification
Trent Kitchens: Heavy Equipment Certification

    Industry Based Certifications:            Our COE and industrial arts departments issue certifications in welding, Microsoft  WORD, Microsoft EXCEL and Customer Service/Retail Professional. There were 153 Industry Based Certificates issued.

Microsoft Office Specialist- WORD

Aislin Foster, Alex Courtade, Allie Amond, Allie Delaney, Alora Cleere, Alyssa Simoneaux, Alyssia Griggs, Amber Shuttleworth, Amelia Sands, Amy Coward, Andrew Breau, Anna Morgan, Ashley Travis, Ashton Estave, Aspen Jenkins, Austin Firesheets, Autumn Duchamp, Bailey Boles, Brad Hayes, Brandon Wainwright, Brenna Ferguson, Brooke Smith, Cameron Cason, Cameron Robertson, Carlton Dunn, Cassie Guilbeau, Chelsea Ancona, Colleen Branch, Corey Guercio, Darren Jenkins, David Spurlin, Devin Copeland, Douglas Raiford, Garilon Triplett, Hailey Cothern, Hanan Daas, Hunter Johns, Jordan Brooks, Karly Garrison, Katie Flowers, Kayleigh Jensen, Kelli Elliot, Kevin France, Klaire Leblanc, Kori Melancon, Kyla Bowers, Lacie Guilbeau, Layton Laird, Luke Galbo, Madelyn Borskey, Madyson Smith, Mason Robertson. Matthew Thibodeaux, Morgan Miles, Rachel Barber, Reed Williams, Shannon Scott, Taylor Harlan, Taylor Story, Te’Alicia Morton, Todd Fletcher, Victoria Mayo, Zachary Aucoin, Bayleigh Arnold, Mary Broussard, Katie Carter, Chaney Davis, Sara Ellis, Mackenzie Foreman, La’Shonda Henderson, Taylor Johnson, Alexander Kennedy, Matthew McConnell, Michael Miller, Sara Moore, Matthew Weir, Kristen Williams, Kimberly Henderson, Faith Johnlouis, Ross Lewis, Logan Beaulieu, Austin Bergeron, Darenisha Betts, Dillion Brumfield, Taylor Busbin, Sarah Dauzat, Bethany Gonzales, Stephen Green, Marissa Jarreau, Mark Mancuso, Lauren Munley, Emily Nodine, Katelyn Pulliam, Vivian Ryder, Samantha Sequin, Alexis Stewart, Daniel Vincent, Ngoc “Emily” Vo, Victoria Chenier, Jordan Guay, Matthew Guidry, Peyton Nelson, Tristan Perkins, Hannah Rabalais, Andrew Sullivan, Seth Thibodeaux, Tiffany Langlois, Rebekah Lizarraga, Cole Edgens, Brittany Givens, Carmen Tatum, Justin Lafleur, Dakota Martin, Logan Brewer, Maegan Hood, Braelen Mattox, Alyssa Rushing, and Kayla Cornelious

Microsoft Office Specialist- EXCEL

Mary Broussard, Katie Carter, Chaney Davis, Sara Ellis, Mackenzie Foreman, Alexander Kennedy, Brandon LeSage, Matthew McConnell, Sara Moore, Kristen Williams, Tyler Dry, and Katelyn Pulliam

    Cooperative Marketing Education (DECA) Certifications:

Marika Cole: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Jennifer Cottano: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Adrienne Crumholt: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Jaymi Fabre: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Austin Gueho: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Tifani Guillory: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Ashley Hurst: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Taylor Johnson: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Allen Roach: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Aaron Smith: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Baylie Trahan: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Angela White: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Gabrielle Williams: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro
Laine Hurst: NRF Customer Service
Matthew Thibodeaux: NRF Customer Service

    The following students will be taking the NRF Customer Service test next week and are subject to also receive a Customer Service IBC: Lucas Hopkins, Taryn Dixon, Keely LeBlanc, Chaddley Pearson, and Brock Poydras

    **National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation recognizes that the above students have received “National Professional Certification in Customer Service”. The Marketing Education Retail Alliance (MERA) provides training and funding for students to receive certification in this area.

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