Thank You for a Job Well Done

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By Dave Freneaux

    They did not serve for recognition.  They did not serve for personal gain.  They served because they saw an opportunity to make a difference in Central.  Committee members, look at this the same way you do at a Sunday dinner when the family brings in the birthday cake blazing brightly with more candles than you wish were there, singing out of tune and making you the center of attention.  They don't do it because they think you want or expect it.  They do it to show you that they appreciate you.  So, settle back in your chair and let us point out that you gave up family time, ball games, sleep, hobbies and even work, to spend many hours crafting a comprehensive contract for Central's City Services, then carefully selecting the company who will give the people of Central the best value and provide the best services for our tax dollars.  With a nod to Mayor and Committee Chair Mac Watts for assembling this capable and dedicated group, we offer heartfelt thanks on behalf of so many here in Central to the members of the City Services Committee and the Selection Committee:  Ti Barnes, Jeanie Barnett, Rodney Bonvillain, Paul Burns, Keith Cranfield, Louis DeJohn, Jay Dykes, Pete Firmin, Michael Hooper, Rusty Jacobs, Tara Landry, Wayne Leader, Mike Mannino, Gil Matherne, David Medlin, Mark Miley, Neal Paul Miller, Buddy Ragland, Fred Raiford, R.J. Saucier, Mike Stephens, and Ralph Washington.

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  1. Because I Care

    May 19, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    The commitment that you all made on behalf of the city of Central through this process is very much appreciated! Thank-you to all of the Commitee members and Mayor Watts!

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