Zoar Baptist Aids Alabama

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    The “Disaster Relief Chain Saw Team” at Zoar Baptist Church has been on the road lending aid to many in need this month.  2 weeks ago, after the tornado that wrought such devastation hit Alabama, the team hitched up their equipment trailer and, along with Galilee Baptist, Florida Boulevard Baptist, and Live Oak Baptist, travelled to DeKalb and Jackson Counties in north Alabama.  While there they removed trees from 17 houses in Guntersville and other nearby towns.  4 days after they returned from Alabama, they were called out to Prayer Lake Retreat Center in Lettsworth to help evacuate machinery and equipment.  Charles Watson, Zoar’s disaster relief chairperson, shared, “It’s a great ministry.  The Lord put us here to serve.  We feel like this is what we are called to do – it’s our part to help others.”  The team is now gearing up to be ready to help when the floodwaters abate.  Call Zoar’s church office – 261-3434 to find out how you can help.

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