Facebook: Where Central Speaks

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By Dave Freneaux

    To find out what is happening in Central and what people think about it, visit the Facebook Page of  To stay in the loop, “Like” the Page and keep tabs on the latest news and discussion.  There is also a free iPhone APP for Facebook so you can keep in touch any time.  Ask your questions, post information you want to share with Central, and see what’s news in Central.  There will also be a daily post telling you what news articles are available each day on

    In response to the “Question of the Day” on the Page, Facebook users have responded: What new restaurant cuisine does Central need?  The large majority of the responses called for Italian and Steak.  What Entertainment businesses does Central need?  Almost unanimous for a Movie Theater.  What to do with the current Middle School property?  Most comments favored a Municipal Center, a Sports Complex, or purchasing adjacent property and eventually building a new High School.  So look us up, on Facebook, “Like” the page, and join in on the conversation.

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