Central Speaks with the Superintendent: An Interview with CCSS’s Mike Faulk

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    What do parents and students need to do to assist the School System for school to begin this fall?
Any parent whose child did not attend Central last year really needs to register, to come in to be sure they have all of the proper documentation and then we can put their child in the computer.  They can be going to the schools and seeing what they need.  The intents to register have dropped drastically this summer as compared to previous summers and I am really concerned that we will get a last minute flood (of registrations).  This is only for first time students.  What happens is that we have people show up the week before school, they don't have the documentation, we have changed some of the requirements.  What I am concerned about is that we will have a flood of 100 to 150 the week before school.   We can handle it but it helps us better prepare if we have a good idea.

     What disadvantage is it to the students if they are not registered?
It is not in the child's best interests.  It is not in the school's best interests.  It is not in the system's best interests.  It may take a couple of days to process.  The parents may be asked to come here (to the School Board Office). 

     If a student is not registered, what might they miss out on over the summer?
The concern is primarily in the upper grades and in the honors classes that have a required reading list in middle and high school, especially in the honors and advanced placement classes.

    How about students that attended Central Schools last year, what do they need to do?
Nothing. Everything is in line.

    What is the status of the new school construction?
The work being done at the high school should pretty well take care of some mechanical issues and the security issues.  On the construction: They poured the slabs for the new gym on Friday.  The steel is coming in as the slabs are poured.  We are looking to be over 30% complete on the project this month.  The roundabout is going to be larger than the roundabout on Lovett Road.  Our civil engineer has really worked to make it larger without having to expropriate any property. We are still anticipating completion in March of 2012, then we begin the preparations and the setup for the school to open.  Finishing in March gives us the opportunty to bring children over there and to go through the building and actually see where they will be going to school.  We can show the kids the classrooms.  We can show the Teachers the classrooms.  We can have an evening for the public to come in and an evening for the parents to come in.  That is going to take time but we have months, and that creates excitement and buy-in.

    Is there anything else you would like to share with the Central community?
We are starting school a little bit earlier.  The first day of school for the teachers is August 8 and the first day for students is August 10th.  Pre-K and K will not report until August 15th.  I am also looking at making the schools' websites a little more user friendly.  Currently the general fund is on sound financial footing.  We have a $10 million fund balance.  I believe we can withstand whatever happens next year.  My concern is after next year because of what is going on with the State.  I am really concerned that after next year Public Education may be involved in some big hits.  The performance of our students continues to grow.  What we have to do now is to stretch them.  We are looking at ways to be sure our students are performing at their highest level.

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