Blue Star Moms Partnering with RWC to Send Care Packages to Military

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Submitted by Betsy Barnes

    A package from home can make all the difference in the daily life of someone stationed far from home in less than ideal situations. As we approach Independence Day and July 4th, we are reminded of those who have fought for and died for our independence to worship and work, be educated and enjoy life as an American citizen. Most of our deployed soldiers will not have the luxury of celebration this year.

    Each soldier is bound by their selfless commitment to our country and the military to defend and protect us. Currently our troops are in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Europe, or other place far from home. These packages from home with familiar items, necessities, snacks, cards and bits of encouragement can bring a smile and serve as a simple, loving reminder that we love and appreciate them.

    The Republican Women of Central are partnering with the Blue Star Moms of Louisiana to help send Care Packages to our deployed soldiers throughout the world. Louise Rauls is the Community Service Chairwoman for this effort.

    Collection of donations and items will begin Monday evening, June 20 at 6p.m. at the "COOKOUT FOR THE U.S. CONSTITUTION" sponsored by the Republican Women of Central. It is being held at Kristenwood on Greenwell Springs Road. This all-American evening cookout and educational meeting is to celebrate our freedoms and the glorious heritage we received from our forefathers. Members, guests, students 6th grade and older, veterans and the public are invited to attend.

    Featured speaker for the evening will be Dr. Kevin Unter, Phd, who will explain the Amendments, their historical significance and current debate issues regarding changes in the definitions of the safeguards to our citizenship. This is an excellent “refresher” for anyone to become more familiar with our Constitutional rights.  Each person attending will be given a copy of The Constitution.

    Care Package donations needed are small, individual size personal care items  such as shampoos, lotions, medicated foot powder, antibiotic and anti-itch ointment, muscle pain ointment, deodorant (non aerosol) shaving cream, razors, sunscreen (tube), eye drops, baby wipes, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, soap, lip balm.

    Snack and food items needed are Rice Crispy Treats, Energy bars, sunflower seeds, nuts, microwavable popcorn, hot chocolate packets, powdered drink mixes for water bottles, easy open canned fruit, individual servings of peanut butter, fruit roll-ups, granola bars, trail mix, cracker jacks, coffee, tea, powdered Gatorade, canned chicken or tuna, gum, candy, beef jerky (no pork).

    Stationary, books, magazines, crossword puzzles, pens, pencils, small notebooks, a personal note, cards, and letters of encouragement are also needed.

    Drop off locations for donations in Central will be Bone Marketing, 12628 Hooper Road Suite B; Central Christian Academy, 9739 Joor Road; Ross Tire and Service, 14330 Greenwell Springs Road;  and Lockhart Insurance, 18571 Greenwell Springs Road.  These collection points will be receiving donations from June 20 until the RWC meeting on August 17, 2011.

     A complete list of items being collected and donation locations can also be found on RWC’s website at and on the Facebook page for Republican Women of Central. Please share these sites with friends and family who may also want to contribute to this effort.

    New members joining Republican Women of Central on June 20th will receive dinner FREE.  Active and Associate Membership is open to all registered Republicans for $35 annual dues.

    Cost for attending the meeting including dinner and a door prize ticket will be $10 for students, veterans and active duty military. RWC members, guests and the public are $15 per person.

     Details will be forthcoming in an email invitation. If you or someone you know would like to be added to the email list and and future events, information about membership, sponsorship or questions, please contact

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