Roundabout Coming to Sullivan & Gurney

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By Dave Freneaux; Roundabout Map Courtesy of Central Community School System

    The construction of Central’s new schools on Sullivan Road will require an improved intersection to handle traffic at Sullivan and Gurney, and the agreed best approach is a Roundabout.  The design concept pictured above is the anticipated layout, which does avoid purchasing any property from home owners near the intersection.  The School System will have to donate a small corner of the school property to accomodate the roundabout.  The Parish gave the School System two options, turning lanes or a roundabout.  The roundabout approach to handling the traffic, according to engineering studies, will result in the fewest delays and the smoothest flow of traffic, and is the least costly approach as well.

     Central does have an existing roundabout on Lovett Road, but there are distinct differences in the plan for Sullivan Road.  Roundabouts range in size from a minimum of 80 feet in diameter up to 130 feet.  The Lovett Road roundabout is considered more of a “traffic circle” and was built with a small 80 foot diameter to slow traffic.  The Sullivan Road roundabout will be closer to 120 feet in diameter and is designed to encourage traffic flow rather than to slow traffic.  These designs both had to meet Parish engineering approval in order to be built.

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