CAPA Corner: Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

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    Dads we have a job to do. It’s the most important job that we will ever do. It’s not a job that pays money, offers opportunity for advancement, or provides a tangible retirement but it is the most important any way – it’s the job of being a father.

    What do we do as a father?

   First, we love our children’s mother. Our children will be no more secure than what they experience by seeing us care for their mother, acting gently toward her, and being close at home not away all the time. They will honor her to the degree that they see us honor her.

   Second, we laugh with our family. We don’t have to be a clown or comedian but we are to be joyful. Our family’s emotional equilibrium will come mostly from us as Dads. So part of our job is to have fun with our wife and kids.

   Third, we lead our family. That’s not dictating but leading – using our influence and authority to guide our family in the right direction. There is no more true direction to guide one’s family than toward Jesus Christ. So our job includes praying with them, reading the Bible with them, and worshipping with them.

    Not much pay for doing the job, but incredible rewards. No real advancement, but great fulfillment. And we never get to retire from the job; but why would we want to?

Jeff Stanfill
Covenant Community Church

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