Central Thruway Bid Summary

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From the City of Central

    DOTD opened bids on June 15, 2011 for the Central Thruway Paving (Frenchtown Rd to Greenwell Springs Rd).  There were seven bidders on the project.  The low bid was submitted by Gilchrist Construction Co.LLC in the amount of $3,238,737.16.  The estimated cost of the project was $4,634,992.18.  This project involves the concrete pavement work for the roadway, embankment, drainage, striping, and related matters.  Work should start before the end of the year.

Rank/License/Bidder/Construction Bid:
1 12312 Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC $3,238,737.16
2 39462 Jb James Construction Llc $3,405,681.22
3 34567 James Construction Group LLC $3,501,741.79
4 12198 Byron E. Talbot Contractor, Inc. $3,694,699.97
5 52306 Cecil Perry Improvements Llc $3,859,738.00
6 48896 Command Construction Industries LLC $3,894,403.80
7 00046 Barber Bros. Contracting Co., L.L.C $3,947,656.00

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