CCSS 2011-2012 Budget Overview

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From Tracy Barnes (CCSS Office) 

OVERVIEW OF REVENUES   2010-2011                     2011-2012
Local Revenue                         9,706,415                    9,612,500
State Revenue                                      22,860,242                  23,542,500
Federal Revenue                                  50,000                         50,000
Other Sources of Funds                       232,000                       101,000

TOTAL                                                32,848,657                  33,306,000


OVERVIEW OF EXPENSES    2010-2011                     2011-2012

Regular Ed Programs                                      
1100   Categories                                 1,177,895                    1,036,322
1105   Kindergarten                             912,600                       928,250
1110   Elementary                               8,544,504                    8,713,617
1130   Secondary                                 4,031,354                    4,407,319

Special Education                                            
1210   Special Ed Activities                 2,735,690                    2,748,735
1220   Gifted/Talented             432,327                       439,502

Vocational Programs                                       
1300   Vocational Programs                 47,600                         48,500
1340   Home Ec                                   60,250                         61,082
1350  Industrial Arts                            227,110                       229,066
1360   Business                                   274,825                       269,428

Other Instructional Programs                                      
1400                                                    785,825                       706,404

Special Programs                                             
1500   Special Programs                      1,350                           1,300
1510   Improving American Schools   5,115                           0
1530   PreK Program                           175,275                       131,136

Child Welfare & Attendance                                       
2110   Child Welf. & Att./Social Wrk 309,202                        326,856
2120   Guidance/Appraisal Services    823,669                       825,005
2130   Health Svcs & Psych Svcs        296,826                       299,878

Other Instrucational Staff & Services                                      
2200   Other Staff & Services              1,074,945                    1,064,073

School Board/Superintendent                                      
2300                                                    934,020                       971,661

School Administration                                     
2400                                                    1,893,354                    1,823,852

Fiscal Services                                     
2500                                                    564,935                       541,297

Operation of Plant                                          
2600   Operation & Maint. Of Plant     237,857                       183,367
2620   Operation Buildings                  3,115,650                    3,071,950
2630   Lawn Care                                63,500                         72,500

Transportation Services                                               
2700                                                    2,650,000                    2,850,000

Personnel/Data Processing                                           
2810   Plan Research Dev.                   3,000                           3,000
2830   Personnel Services                    113,335                       121,317
2840   Data Processing                        234,594                       235,594

Community Services                                        
3300                                                    5,000                           2,500

Site Improvements                                           
4200                                                    1,500                           13,000

Architecture & Engineering                                         
4300                                                    38,750                         10,000

Building Acquisition/Construction
4500                                                    525,512                       739,172

TOTAL                                      32,340,594                              32,877,683


  1. Another Central Residnet

    June 29, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    CCSS is no different than any other school systems. Top administrators, board members and superintendents collect larger salaries while the teachers stay the same.

  2. Mike Gardner

    June 29, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Well another Central Resident, most of the board, and everyone of the admins. And the Super, have all been teachers. They worked hard and moved up threw the ranks, they paid there dues. The deserve more $$, they deal with more than the average teacher. They went and recieved master degrees, (super and admin, some board mem) and worked to get where they are at. It’s a business just like any other, the harder you work the future u will go.

  3. Another Central resident

    June 30, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Making salaries top heavy at the expense of tax payers is the way to go. These are the same people that get their teachers (pawns) to come to my front door to beg me to vote to pass a new tax for better schools and teachers salaries but all I keep hearing is how the teachers are still not being compensated properly; however, I keep seeing top administrators salaries going up. What a bunch of hypocrites. Central is not the only school system. Central in about 10 years will probably be bankrupt and will send out their pawns (teachers) to beg and plead for me to vote for a tax. This is why I do not vote for school taxes.

  4. Mike Gardner

    July 1, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Well no teacher was made to go door to door asking for a tax to pass. They did it for OUR kids, on there own if you think OUR system will bs bankrupt than you are very mislead. Zacharys teachers make close to what our admins make, and it goes up from there, and they aren’t close to bankrupt so if any of the Pawns u talk of don’t like what they make they can always go over there. It just shows how misinformed or unresearched you are. You are complaining about a salary range that has not changed in the last five years. The salary schedules for all admins and teachers was set at the start of the school system. Where were you then, oh yea you probaley didn’t vote for the school system. go to the next board meeting and speak against the school board reviving pay, but if you did that you would have to reveal your real name and stop hiding. In the end your going to do nothing but complain on sites under a name that’s not yours. In the end all your going to be is “just another Central Resident” that’s does nothing to help. The name fits you well.

  5. Mike Gardner

    July 1, 2011 at 10:26 am

    By the way I’m a teacher in this system

  6. Kim Fralick

    July 2, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Do you know what “Other source of Funds” entails?

    • dave

      July 2, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      Yes and no. Line 452100 in the budget is called “Transfers of Indirect Costs”, and the year-to-date income was 102,000. Superintendent Faulk could probablly answer that without even looking. He knows the CCSS finances extremely well.

  7. Kim Fralick

    July 2, 2011 at 8:28 pm


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